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East Cheshire Hospice Choir


If you are interested in booking Claritas to sing at an event, please contact Kath Ibbotson. Click on name to send an e-mail.

Get involved

For further information, please e-mail Charles Mackay (Secretary). For joining details please e-mail Melanie Flint (Membership). Click on name to send an e-mail.

Choir Representatives

Click on name to send an e-mail.

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Musical Director

Kath Ibbotson


Charles Mackay


Jenny Pitcock / Clair Close

Membership Secretary

Melanie Flint


Julie Davenport

Music Librarian/Deputy

Sue Coley / Jan Ellis


Jan Ellis

Social Events

Jen Branch, Marian Mackay

Transport Coordinator

Jen Branch

Bookings Coordinator

Stella Ramsden